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Patran Neutral Mesh File Writer updated - A recent comment from a blog reader made me relook at the patran neutral mesh file writer routine that I had on this blog. Since the code was pasted on this blog, it lacked proper update and ability to have a test case or example file. So spent this weekend, creating an example file and […]
Few Python Regex for FORTRAN Code -   Most of my day job involves Fortran code and finding quick details is a regular need. Here are four regex in python that I have been using for some time now. Sharing it here. To Find Subroutines and Functions   To Find All Call Statements        To Find Variables (Integer, Double Precision, Logical, Real)   […]
Simple Python code to Extract Fortran Routines and its Argument - Suppose you got a long fortran file full of code, and want to parse it and get the subroutine/functions defined in the file along with its argument. Here’s a simple python code to extract all this info in one go
Lights Out Game In Fortran - Here’s an implementation of the Lights out game in fortran. Wrote this in 2011 and found it yesterday. Works as it is and can be improved. Checkout the screenshot. For those who don’t know, here’s a brief description from wikipedia The game consists of a 5 by 5 grid of lights. When the game starts, […]
Fortran from python – Python Binding for Fortran Code - As an aeronautical engineer, I received fortran as a legacy. From NAL to working for Rolls-Royce, work life revolves around fortran. This  is the language that I have been programming for 12+ years now. That explains this many fortran related posts here and here. But from couple of years, I am falling in love with Python. Here […]
A Simple Fortran code to Simulate Stochastic Stock Price Movement - A few months ago I posted this pgplot powered fortran animation program on calculating the approximate value of PI by Monte Carlo method using random numbers. And the other found myself reading about random or stochastic phenomenons. After reading about stochastic processes, I was invariably reminded of the stock market. The most stochastic place one […]
Knight in Fortran - This is a brain game that you might enjoy. In the chess board you can move the knight as if you’re playing a regular game of chess, but you need to cover the whole board with the least possible moves, a good score would be 65 moves or less. This is a very good training […]
The development of FORTRAN I - Stumbled upon this link from an old bookmark. The first FORTRAN compiler was a milestone in the history of computing, at that time computers had very small memories (on the order of 15KB, it was common then to count memory capacities in bits), they were slow and had very primitive operating systems (if they had […]
Calling Fortran From C Sharp - If you are involved in a project thats calls legacy Fortran code from c sharp, then this is one post (Accessing Fortran Legacy DLL in C#) by Ranjeet Sharma that you shouldn’t miss. These are few important considerations from the post Important Considerations: The FORTRAN DLL cannot be accessed from C# using Add Reference as […]
Few Toy Programs to Mesh Excel and Fortran together - Fortran 90 with Excel – gfortran example is one of the post that constantly gets lot of attention as measured by the top posts sidebar widget on this blog. So thought about revisiting it and this post is to show some toy programs that shows how to link fortran program as a dll with excel. […]
Patran Neutral Mesh File Writer - A few years back, while learning to code in a new in-house Finite element software, I had to display some results in the GUI. And the GUI didn’t allow any GUI display unless a mesh or model was loaded. With no FE model available, I hacked it by creating a on the fly one 8 […]
A Simple Fortran Transformation Module - Was cleaning my home laptop and found this fortran transformation module that I wrote long time ago. Has all the transformation that are generally used. Just posting it in case, I need it again.
New Fortran STL Binary File Reader - The old one still wins Well Dan won’t be happy with it. I am not very happy with it. But While thinking about optimising the old fortran binary stl reader for speed, I knew the speed can be reduced significantly if I can reduce the number of I/O calls in the routine. For that need […]
Installing gfortran on Mac OS X Mavericks - Until now, didn’t actually need fortran on my mac, having it in office and the home desktop served all needs. But yesterday really had to install it on mac, so here’s a simple step for installing gfortran on Mac os Mavericks. There are many ways to install gfortran, but I used the following way and […]
Interface Block in Fortran - The interface block is perhaps the least understood part of fortran syntax. It was introduced in Fortran 90 and serves some very important functions. Coding in modern fortran, then its worth understanding interface Statement. The INTERFACE statement is the first statement in an interface block. The interface block is a powerful structure that was introduced […]
Software Slave: Fortran Program to Create ‘Find the Word’ Puzzle - My daughter’s books are littered with word search puzzles as shown above. I don’t know if she likes them but they are everywhere. From environment studies to English to gk, every book has it share of word search exercises. While helping her one day on one such puzzle, decided to code a program to create […]
Few Strategies for Refactoring old Fortran code to new Fortran - Someone at Stackoverflow had this following question on Fortran. I’ve recently come to maintain a large amount of scientific calculation-intensive FORTRAN code. I’m having difficulties getting a handle on all of the, say, nuances, of a forty year old language, despite google & two introductory level books. The code is rife with “performance enhancing improvements”. Does […]
Slowing Down is the Key….. - Slowing down is the key to increased speed. Past couple of months I was dabbing with fortran GUI and trying pgplot graphics library. I have produced gui’s in c, vb and then integrated them with fortran, but creating GUIs from fortran was new to me. As the exploration began I took the fire aim adjust […]
Top 5 posts - These posts have been the most popular for the first half of 2013!  How to create a fortran dll in visual studio? Ever green post. Always stays at the top. Lot of people converting fortran into DLL’s!  Gif animation in Matlab in 3 simple steps. 3 steps is all that is needed to get a […]
How to Create PGPLOT Fortran Programs With Intel Fortran Compiler ? An animated Journey… - How to create PGPLOT Fortran programs with Intel compiler is one of the popular post on this blog and every few days I get a request to share the powerpoint, so here’s the animated version of the powerpoint for quick reference.. Using PGPLOT, then you should visit and see these pages. Want the make file shown in […]
Plants Become Weeds when they….. - Plants become weeds when they obstruct our plans or our tidy maps of the world. Fortran is also perceived in the same way. Although still a formidable programming language, many now treat it as weeds. They encounter it and they go back to fortran 66 mindset. Fortran’s new capabilities are discounted and people look past […]
Program to extract results from Substructure Analysis! - Substructuring is a technique in finite element analysis for solving mechanical engineering problems involving large structures which are too enormous for existing computer hardware and software to handle. This technique involves breaking the system into parts, analyzing the parts, and then re-assembling the total system using selected degrees of freedom from the parts. Learn how […]
Integrating Fortran and Java -the code - A few weeks posted a PowerPoint about Integrating Fortran with Java in Windows. Well here’s the codes that you can use to go through the example. Download the code for integrating Fortran with java in windows
Integrating Fortran with Java in Windows - A lot has been written about mixing java with Fortran, but everything scattered and isn’t very current and most of it not for windows environment. So here’s a little start up beginners guide to integrate java and Fortran in windows. For Fortran compilation i am using Intel Fortran Compiler and java is java. Hope this […]
Unofficial History of ANSYS - A few days back I was searching for a paper and stumbled upon this interesting page. The page listed an interesting account of unofficial history of ANSYS. I don’t know why, but i like reading accounts like this, so here’s part of it that i liked… In 1963, Dr. John Swanson worked at Westinghouse Astronuclear […]
Plate Mesh File - A few months back, i needed a plate model. Searched the net and tried creating it with a CAD software, but then said to myself. What the heck!! All I need is a mesh with quad elements and so wrote this program. Not a polished code, but if you need a patran neurtal mesh file  […]
Automatic Differentiation and Dual Numbers - In my book, its a great week if you learn something new on the first day of the week. A few weeks back I stumbled upon automatic differentiation and dual numbers. Fascinated I decided to explore these two topics and actually coded this Fortran module to do some basic operations with dual numbers. What are […]
Meshing Fortran and Matlab together with Mex - A few days back colleague of mine needed a help in calling Fortran from matlab. At that time I knew about the call system command. But as we tried solving his problem, I learnt about Mex. I knew Mex was matlab executable but had never explored them or used or created them. My colleague’s problem […]
Meet fable and fortwarp - I met fable and fortwarp a few weeks back. I am beginning to know them and before I get too comfy with them, I thought of introducing them to the readers of this blog. If you work with c,c++ and fortran, you will definitely like their company! Fable fable converts fixed-format Fortran sources to C++. […]
Top 10 Algorithms of 20th century! - As i was reading this old PDF mentioning the top 10 algorithms of 20th century, was pleasantly surprised to see creation of fortran compiler listed as one of them! The creation of Fortran may rank as the single most important event in the history of computer programming: Finally, scientists (and others) could tell the computer […]
Free online fortran ebooks - DJV member of the gg95 group recently posted this. I came across the following list of programmer’s resources that are available for access or download in e-book format. DJV Nice collection. Worth bookmarking!
Fortran DLL and Excel -a 4 step video tutorial - Ever since I had used the screen-o-matic screen-cast, I was itching to use it again to create something. Today morning finding some time, I decided to go ahead, but then stumbled on these awesome four step video tutorials on mixing fortran and excel. This is what I was going to screen-cast, but this videos do […]
Coordinates from Excel to GMSH - A colleague of mine is working on a personal project, where he is manipulating some blade coordinates in excel. He wanted some way to visualize his modifications. After some mulling we selected open source GMSH for viewing the blades. But this brought a new problem, how to transfer the coordinates from excel to GMSH. Since […]
Fortran DLL and Excel – How to mesh them together - Making a fortran DLL and using it with excel has two distinct advantage. 1. We don’t need to re write the fortran code to a vb code. 2. Fortran DLL is significantly faster than the vba code. And with all this we get goodness of excel with the power of fortran. It is with this […]
The Story of the Math Majors, Bridge Players, Engineers, Chess Wizards, Maverick Scientists, & Iconoclasts - As I pointed in a previous post, I love John D Anderson’s style of mixing history with the technical subject. Similar thing happened with me in Fortran. When I seriously began Fortran programming, I found this superb historical account of the birth of Fortran. Its available at, as a book extract from the book […]
Debunking the Myths About Fortran - I am following this LinkedIn Fortran group discussion. What is your connection to Fortran, and when did you use it most recently?  There  Craig T. Dedo shared a pdf article that he has authored on debunking the myths about fortran. Here’s how he begins it Over the last few decades, there has been a lot […]
Industry best practice and fortran - I don’t know about you but when I know something is undone and unfinished, I don’t feel so enthusiastic in doing anything else. This is the current state of my mind. But this post isn’t about me. Last saturday read about lisping at jpl and I felt the same about how fortran is shoved around […]
Will you take this poll? - Don’t like surveys, but this one was different. It was about one of my fav subject of interest. Fortran. At the comp.lang.fortran someone posted this poll I am posting my answers here. My answers are 🙂 General Questions ————————- 1)How long have you been a Fortran programmer? (select the closest) more than 40 years between […]
The Feast - Innovative, fast, stable and efficient is how the author describe this high performance numerical library named FEAST! The FEAST solver package is a free high-performance numerical library for solving the standard or generalized eigenvalue problem, and obtaining all the eigenvalues and eigenvectors within a given search interval. It is based on an innovative fast and […]
Hermite Polynomials. - Hermite Polynomials are showing up in all most all the technical papers that I am reading these days. Their constant appearance lead me to investigate them further. After a couple of hour of digging, I have this fortran module ready to get and evaluate hermite Polynomials. The figure shows Pgplot output of these polynomials. Click […]
Calling Fortran from C ScreenCast - Was just browsing and came across this website that allows creating screen cast from web without any installation. I decided to check this website. And here’s the result. The video demonstrates calling fortran from c. The fortran is compiled with gfortran and C with Gcc. Why did I choose this example? Well these two […]
Happy 25th Birthday GNU GCC! - GNU compiler collection or GCC turned 25 last Friday. Gfortran is part of GCC. To that end, Richard Guenther, who works in tool chain development at Suse Labs, and spends his days working on GCC, sent an email to the GCC development newsgroup to mark this historic occasion. Here a part of it, reprinted, for […]
On Wasting time and inefficiency - From the new rules blog Wasting time and inefficiencies are the way to discovery. When Condé Nast’s editorial director Alexander Liberman was challenged on his inefficiencies in producing world-class magazines such The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Architectural Digest, he said it best: “I believe in waste. Waste is very important in creativity.” Out of […]
Serendipity and Springboard - If my last post attention to irrelevant gave an impression that I am struggling with java, you are wrong. I am enjoying every bit of it. It’s not every day one can pick up a new skill. So I am enjoying the challenge and knowing the fact java is the most popular language is icing […]
Animating Heart using pgplot with fortran - Here’s the code for the heart animation written in fortran, using pgplot and quickwin. Not an optimized code but mashed quickly to get something up and running. Find the story and code in action at the following post Did i miss the valentine’s day? MODULE DATAitem TYPE thedata REAL x0,y0,xf,yf,dx,dy,speed CHARACTER(len=1) schar END TYPE INTEGER,parameter :: isteps=15,iinum=2000 […]
Fortran module for non-uniform random number generation - The Endeavor is one of my favorite non aviation blog. Daily posts on this blog, which make there way to my email everyday, are the randomness that I have learned to like. When John D Cook, introduced Julia in this blog post and generously shared the random number generator codes in Julia for probability distribution, […]
Most Popular Programming Language of Aeronautical Graduates - Inspired by the last post Popularity of programming languages,  I wanted to do my own survey on what language aeronautical graduates of India are coding in. Luckily i am part of a ongoing campus activity for aeronautical graduates, which gave me access to some data. So here’s the result. The sample size was 186. C […]
Attention to the Irrelevant - “A programming language is low level when its programs require attention to the irrelevant” -Alan Perlis I knew C and VB before I joined the industry. I liked both. C for it’s raw power and visual basic for the GUI. Making windows was great. And decoding gps signals and navigating a uav with c was […]
Did I Miss Valentine’s Day? - Did I miss valentine’s day? Actually no. But was super busy at office. And at home busy with my daughter and a sport meet that i was help organizing. Now the sports meet is over and yesterday i saw and completed this animation in fortran. Actually i was lazy and used the code from previous”Heart […]
A Stochastic Encounter - I use gfortran fortran compiler at home and intel fortran compiler in office. Its by random chance I found a vital difference in gfortran and intel compiler’s interpretation of using the intrinsic subroutine Random_number. In gg95 fortran forum, someone posted this query. Hi, I have the following code to generate a random number in between […]
Do you know the story? – How backslash “\” replaced a fortran punch card!! - Story about why Matlab index starts with 1? Interesting little discussion going on at this Matlab forum Does anyone know the “story” or the reason why MATLAB works with index starting with 1??. I thought because it is based on matrix, but actually Phyton is based on matrix too, and its indexing starts from 0 […]
Google charts in fortran - I love google and that is no secret. I have been tinkering with all the new tech that they have launched. I still miss their google labs feature. Google charts is one of those tech that has fascinated me ever since. I am on it off and on. Last year around November, I began working […]
Ten minutes to setup Modern Fortran 2003 / 2008 with CB IDE on Windows - The attached file demonstrates a step by step setup of modern Fortran 2003/2008 using CodeBlocks IDE on windows. This was prepared and uploaded by Mr. Mohammad Rahmani. The introduction of using the Codeblock IDE was new to me. Thank you Mohammad for the nice introduction on how to setup gfortran and C::B IDE. I am […]
Popularity of programming languages, fortran, java Popularity of programming languages - The folks at RedMonk prepared the following chart showing the popularity of different programming languages. They measured the number of tags in stack overflow and no of projects in GitHub and came up with this chart. Please read the full post for details. JAVA takes the lead. But where do fortran fit in? If we draw […]
Fortran Module to Export Fortran code to HTML - As I posted the heart in Fortran last week, I saw how ugly the code snippet looked. Did a quick search to see if there’s a WordPress plugin that can syntax highlight the code to make it much more legible just like the one in Didn’t find any. As the search continued, I thought […]
Which one to use? -KPIC or -Kpic - So far my code was compiling perfectly in all the platform but after a recent new addition, the compiler gave this error while compiling. too many symbols require ‘small’ PIC references : Have 1092, maximum 1024 –recompile some modules –K PIC. As I researched this.  I found my code has hit a rare case event. […]
Fortran STL file reader and the compiler options. - In the post STL files and fortran, I posted a fortran binary stl file reader program. Thomas was having problem using the code. He suspected that maybe it’s the problem of 32 and 64 incompatibility issue. I promised that I will check. Last week I dug out the executable I created then and sure enough […]
Neutron Collisions, Stanislaw Ulam , Solitares and my Pgplot practice. - The year was 1946. Physicists at Los Alamos Scientific Lab were investigating radiation shielding and distance neutrons would travel in various materials. Despite having the data, the problem could not be solved with analytical calculations. At the very same time, Stanislaw Ulam was convalescing from an illness and playing solitaires and thinking. His thoughts meandered […]
How to create fortran dll in commandline with intel fortran compiler? - WordPress informs me Creating fortran DLL in microsoft visual studio with intel fortran compiler is my top post of 2011!! This is one post I did just to let people know how to use visual studio to get fortran DLL and use it in excel. I thought I should revisit that topic again. I believe […]
Heart in fortran - Well it’s not valentines day! But I just crossed my 5th wedding anniversary so it’s apt to do some heart warming geeky thing. The above heart is rendered by pgplot from a program written in fortran. The magic happens because of this little equation y= sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200*x) + sqrt(abs(x)) – 0.7 * (4.0 – x*x)^0.01 -2.0>x<2.0 […]
Let It Snow in Fortran – the code - So here’s the code to do “let it snow” with Fortran. If you are looking for developing graphics application with Intel Fortran compiler using pgplot and quickwin, then this small program can get you started. The snow module is generic and creates the snow, while the main program deals with actually driving the snow. You […]
Let It Snow in Fortran - It all began with google’s “let it snow” ester egg. As soon as I saw the snow tumbling down my browser, I wanted to do the same with fortran. Snow animation in fortran. Graphics is not fortrans strong point. But luckily it has help from pgplot and I was tinkering with it for some time, […]
How to create PGPLOT Fortran programs with Intel compiler - This post is sequel to the previous post titled How to use pgplot in windows with intel fortran.     The above PowerPoint explains the steps to use the previous libraries to create pgplot fortran programs. This ppt uses the make file distributed in the previous post. The intention for the post is to get […]
How to use pgplot in windows with Intel Fortran? - Using PGPLot library requires these steps. Download the Source code Create the binary font file Create the pgplot library Use the above two files to create pgplot programs. This previous post titled Installing and using Pgplot in windows explains how to accomplish the first three tasks. Now if you are using windows and want to […]
Happy New Year - Wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. May this holidays and rest of the year fill your life with happiness, wealth & health. Just like last year, wanted to do something in fortran but this I began late and came up these two animations. Both the animations in the above videos are done […]
Contributing for Fortran - Someone just contributed this at the Reprinted here ” Clearly one can support commercial Fortran compiler vendors by purchasing Compilers and Fortran authors by purchasing Books. There are also many other ways to contribute to the Fortran community and to various open source projects: Answering questions on comp.lang.fortran. Contributing to the FAQ. Writing articles […]
Crack the Credit Card Code Fortran program - Credit cards. Nearly everybody has at least one. Its not wrong to say that credit cards are life line of worlds financial system. But how many of you know what those numbers really mean? Contrary to what one may think, they aren’t random. Those 16 digits are there for a reason and, knowing a few […]
Fortran more popular than ever - Read this today. Wasn’t able to resist myself posting it here. Do read it. Fortran MORE popular than EVER; Intel makes it FAST While I am sharing then don’t miss Dr Fortran’s interview Why Fortran Matters
78 basic fortran interview questions - 6 or so months back I had posted this somewhere else on the web. Today just thought why not repost it here. 78 fortran interview questions you can face in an interview! There is powercut in my area and I am sitting in complete dark. It’s 8 pm and I can’t do anything else. So […]
Fortran Compilers For windows -   I have seen lot of posts regarding people searching for Fortran compilers for windows. So here in this post i am compiling links of all the Fortran compilers freely available for windows.   Gfortran  SilverFrost FTN95 Openwatson G95  Will keep updating this page.
Fireworks Animation In Fortran using pgplot - This is the video of the Fireworks Animation done using fortran and pgplot. Used a recent long weekend to use fortran for animation for the first time. I use combination of c and fortran to create commercially used FEM softwares, but this was my first attempt in using pgplot and fortran. I will continue to […]
Time In Words Fortran program - Recently my office computer got a new makeover.  In addition to windows it got linux. I logged into that and found a little desktop widget that showed time in words. I liked it. When  i moved back to windows i missed that simple utility. So i built myself one in Fortran. Following is a windows […]
Happy independence day - My 3 year old year old is busy coloring her first Indian flag! She is very excited and as the school teacher might have taught her. She is shouting Jai Hindi after drawing it. 😉 With three days holiday, I spent an afternoon trying to create animation on fortran. This is my first. I have […]
STL files and Fortran - For me, Stl files came into existence via solidworks. For passing solidworks files from my lab to the machining department, we had to export the solidworks model to stl file formats. That was it. After that i had no contact with them until this year when I again got some stl models. I was using […]
Some random thoughts on coding in Fortran! - Since last 7+ years that I am working in fortran. Almost all my weekdays for the last 7 years are filled with tinkering/writing fortran codes. Fortran is the life blood of the engineering industry especially for the aerospace industry. And being part of this industry one can’t miss getting entangled with fortran. So here are […]
How to create Fortran DLL in Visual Studio with Intel Fortran compiler - The following link is a PowerPoint presentation on creating a Fortran DLL with intel fortran compiler in visual studio!! Please click the link to view the presentation! Create Fortran DLL with Visual Studio Created this to help a friend trying to do the same for his work. Thought it will be nice to have it […]
No body thinks of these and Fortran in the same breadth - Many people are surprised when you say, you can do type definition, pointers and dynamic memory allocation in Fortran. These are in Fortran since the time Fortran 90 was released, 15+ years back. Now Fortran 2003 has all features of object oriented programming language. But here i present an example of linked list in Fortran […]
Fortran Program to Calculate Quartiles as calculated by Minitab and Excel - A part of my work at my day job needed calculating quartiles. I quickly coded a routine to find the required numbers. But when i checked the numbers through excel and then with Minitab. I was astonished, as for the same set of numbers, i was getting different quartiles results in these two software’s. Which […]
Two Fortran tutorials for beginners - During the last week I have received couple of requests for tutorials on Fortran. I have listed some of them before, so here I want to direct you to two tutorials that are just what I would love to use, if I were a beginner… So here are the links Fortran 77 tutorial Fortran 90 […]
Happy New Year 2011 - Aerospace is my passion and I love it!! Thank god for aerospace. So I have cooked up a little greetings for all of you. Here’s wishing all you #avgeeks a super awesome new year!! Wish you all aeronautical, aerospace and aviation enthusiast a happy new year. Hope the year brings new joys and happiness in […]
Happy New Year Fortran style - Happy New Year in True Geek and Fortran Style.
Fortran-based DLL and Excel VBA are good fit for marriage. - Yes Fortran-based DLL and Excel VBA are made for each other. Before i delve into why, lets understand what is a DLL and what are its advantage. A dynamic-link library (DLL) contains one or more subprograms that are compiled, linked and stored separately from the applications using them. A DLL can also be used as […]
Things to consider before Fortran migration from F77 to F90 - The effort required to conduct a Fortran migration depends largely on the answers to the following questions: 1. Is the code modular? Modular the code, easier and more convenient is programmer’s job. That’s why is better to understand the FORTRAN code. First and foremost one should understand the call sequence, commons and data structure. 2. […]
John Backus and his gift - Today on Dec 3 in 1924, John Backus, who invented the FORTRAN programming language in the mid 1950s, was born. As long as there is aerospace and engineering, we will continue to enjoy his contributions. Read more about him at this link Read his insuring story on how he walked into IBM and revolutionized […]
Where did Fortran go? - Interesting discussion going on at comp.lang.fortran. I love this response and reflects my views. Where did Fortran go? If it aren’t bust, DON’T fix it! I couldn’t say the above better myself and agree with every word of it. But, as much as we think like that, unfortunately the cs guys don’t (and they’re the […]
GUI development with Fortran - The usual bashing point for FORTRAN is that it doesn’t have any GUI building capabilities. Its not designed to be. It was developed in the days of punch card and ever since speed, portability and backward compatibility has been its pillars of success. But this doesn’t mean, we can do GUI with FORTRAN. Here’s the […]
What to use? F90 or F for Fortran programs - There’s a lot of confusion on using F90 and F extensions for FORTRAN program. Here’s a little explanation that I have encountered in a forum that sheds some light on the issue. If you use free form source Fortran, I suggest to use the extension .f90, if you use fixed format, to use .f. Those […]
Fortran 90 Reference Card - If you use Fortran language in your work or are starting with this language then this is god send for you. I discovered it just today.  Helps you save many google visits. The Fortran reference has good synopsis of Fortran 90 commands and syntax. Download Fortran 90 reference card [pdf] by Michael Goerz
Is it NaN ? - C was the computer language that I seriously began programming with. Before c, I had used basic to code few games for myself. But after my first job, I began with c. Then Fortran entered my life and ever since it has dominated my work. Recently a friend asked me to code a simple routine […]
Fortran 90 with Excel – gfortran example - Recently i created a program that involved Fortran and excel.  The main solving was handled by the Fortran and excel provided the GUI. I know many people search for this so here’s the small example that i worked on before going to the main program. I used gfortran as Fortran compiler and Excel 2003 for […]

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  1. I have read with interest Sukhbinder’s comments about GUIs and Fortran applications.
    I have gone down the DISLIN route. Here are some screenshots of the GUI for a structural engineering application I’ve recently completed using GFortran to analyse skeletal framed structures:

    The screenshots show the program in its not-fully-debugged state, so there are errors in the output results which don’t appear in the completed version. The GUI is nevertheless fully demonstrated by the screenshots.

    Anyone interested in more information, feel free to contact me:


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