Attention to the Irrelevant

“A programming language is low level when its programs require attention to the irrelevant” -Alan Perlis

I knew C and VB before I joined the industry. I liked both. C for it’s raw power and visual basic for the GUI.

Making windows was great. And decoding gps signals and navigating a uav with c was exciting.

Then one fine day, my boss pushed fortran. By that time, i had written few programs in fortran, but nothing serious and nothing to the extent that I have used c and VB.

The first industry or proper encounter with fortran was harrowing to say the least.

Keeping to the strict limit of column 6 to 70 was hard to grasp for a person accustomed in c and VB. I almost gave up. And cursed fortran for having such a rigid syntax.

From then to now, I had used fortran in so many projects and I am amazed that I hated the first day I seriously tried coding in it.

Same thing is happening to me now while relearning java. Coming from fortran, coding in java feels like so much work. Curly brackets and case sensitivity is killing me.

I had my previous encounter with java when my roommate was working with it and we spend many evening pouring over his java plugins that he was building.

So when I saw that above quote, couldn’t stop myself posting it here.

Previously I thought it applied to fortran but now with my adventures with java, java too fits the bill.


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