GUI development with Fortran

The usual bashing point for FORTRAN is that it doesn’t have any GUI building capabilities. Its not designed to be.

It was developed in the days of punch card and ever since speed, portability and backward compatibility has been its pillars of success.

But this doesn’t mean, we can do GUI with FORTRAN. Here’s the list of three approaches that can be used to have FORTRAN program with GUI

  1. Standalone Fortran executable, that communicates a Tcl/Tk GUI
  2. C/C++ main source, with call-backs to Fortran subroutines or functions to perform specific tasks. GUI written in C/C++ using a cross-platform toolkit like Qt, wxWidgets or FLTK
  3. Fortran source with call-back to DISLIN functions.

I have dabbled with DISLIN a little and use the C/C++ route in my present work and I am now planning to wet my hands in the Tcl/Tk route.

Wait and watch!


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