Meet fable and fortwarp

I met fable and fortwarp a few weeks back. I am beginning to know them and before I get too comfy with them, I thought of introducing them to the readers of this blog.

If you work with c,c++ and fortran, you will definitely like their company!

fable converts fixed-format Fortran sources to C++. The generated C++ code is designed to be human-readable and suitable for further development. In many cases it can be compiled and run without manual intervention.

fable comes with the C++ fem Fortran EMulation library.

fable is written in Python (version 2.x)

The name “fable” is short for “Fortran ABLEitung”. “Ableitung” is a german word which can mean both “derivative” and “branching off”.

FortWrap is a python script that parses Fortran 90/95/200X source files and generates wrapper code for interfacing with the original Fortran code from C++.

FortWrap is compatible with both g95
and gfortran and is intended to be used with Fortran code that takes an object oriented approach and makes use of Fortran derived types.

The resulting wrapper code provides a C++ interface that wraps the Fortran derived types with C++ proxy classes.


One thought on “Meet fable and fortwarp

  1. As part of my internhsip, i need to convert a long fortran code into a C++ code, i’ve discovered the fable solution, so i’ve install it in my computer, and i also run the setpath.bat file, the only problem is that i don’t know how to convert my fortran file, it’s said in that we should use the “fable.cout” command, but still don’t know how to use it and which parameters to give to the command.
    Is there anybody who can help me to understand how fable works ? I would be very grateful


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