Most Popular Programming Language of Aeronautical Graduates

Inspired by the last post Popularity of programming languages,  I wanted to do my own survey on what language aeronautical graduates of India are coding in.

Luckily i am part of a ongoing campus activity for aeronautical graduates, which gave me access to some data.

So here’s the result.


The sample size was 186.


C is the clear winner with 73% of the respondents using it, while java, which was the first  in the Popularity of programming languages survey, was used by 3% of the respondents.

Since majority of the specialization was avionics domain, so the bias towards c is understandable.

Was surprised that just 22% have used Fortran, considering 90% of Aerospace/Aeronautical/Engineering code is in that language.


13 thoughts on “Most Popular Programming Language of Aeronautical Graduates

  1. Sukhbinder – A lot of aerospace engineers work in the systems engineering side – control systems, displays, other embedded systems, etc. In those areas, C is king. Some use C++. Aero / Fluid / thermal is still ruled by FORTRAN.


  2. Hello Sir,I need c,c++,FORTRAN software for Windows 7 64 bit ,can u please suggest me that from which website i should download them?


      • Thanks a lot Sir.I think without practice its not possible to understand any language thats why i needed all of them but after reading Mr.Ender and your conversation i understand that why Aesi enter those languages in our syllabus .


  3. hi sir ,when i try to run any program in C language,using borland’s turbo C++,,it shows copilation successful on compiling but while running the programme it shows only a blank black screen nd do not display any line that was programmed..i’m using win xp professional sp2. plz help me fixing the problem..thaks


  4. i’m a AeSI student in GIE ,chennai,,i think Most Popular Programming Language amoung the student of gie is “C” . almost all the friends of mine who r learning programming ,they r with C


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