Simple Python code to Extract Fortran Routines and its Argument

Suppose you got a long fortran file full of code, and want to parse it and get the subroutine/functions defined in the file along with its argument.

Here’s a simple python code to extract all this info in one go

import re
from collections import defaultdict

def processsubroutine(line):
    if ')' in line:
        return line.split("(")[1].split(')')[0].split(',')

def collectsubroutines(fname):
    fort_proc_def = re.compile(r'\s*(RECURSIVE)?\s*(SUBROUTINE|FUNCTION)\s+\S+\(*', re.IGNORECASE)
    fp = open(fname,"r")
    for i,line in enumerate(datalines):
        if fort_proc_def.match(line):
    return procnam

def main():
    for key,item  in procnam.items():
        print key,item

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