Let It Snow in Fortran

It all began with google’s “let it snow” ester egg.

As soon as I saw the snow tumbling down my browser, I wanted to do the same with fortran.

Snow animation in fortran.
Graphics is not fortrans strong point. But luckily it has help from pgplot and I was tinkering with it for some time, so creating snow with fortran was an interesting challenge.

The physics was simple, a vertical cos wave did the trick and then I just had to control the speed and viola I had snow in fortran.

I will admit, the video i posted for happy new year for that snow animation do not do full justice to the actual program. So here’s the actual executables for anyone to try on their windows system.

Download the executable

Go ahead try. They are awesome. In fact I love them more than google’s snow.

I did these animations in a hurry to meet the new year, so the code is still not fit for wider audience, please be patient, will post the code soon. Hopefully in a format that it can be used to actually snow. šŸ˜‰

Till then, let it snow.

There’s something magical about seeing those white flakes tumble down!!

Download the programs here

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