Recent Paintings

With the second wave of covid raging outside, this are few sketches that I did last few weeks with kids at home.

It was as fun using crayons and whatever available at home. I did enjoy this time as much kids did it.


Good and Bad


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I used to draw and paint while in school. Outgrew it and then picked it back in 2011 for a week or two and then there was a long gap.

Last October, my daughter started painting and this ignited my own desire to paint. So for last few weeks, I have been doing this whenever i find time. I am starting to love this again.

I did lot of it, some okay and some bad. I am putting all of this (good and bad) here for me to log my progress and in the hope that I will continue this as an hobby.













Playing with SketchUp

Animation in sketchup
I have used SketchUpoff and on but never took it seriously. This sunday, unable to sleep, flicked the mac open and loaded Sketchup.

Here’s the result of an hour or so’s trial.

Lot of little errors but was impressed with its capability.

For those in the dark, SketchUp is a free tool available on mac and windows platform to quickly create 3D models. It is fast, fun and intuitive and let you visualize anything in 3D. Love it. Next best thing to painting. 🙂