Happy 25th Birthday GNU GCC!

GNU compiler collection or GCC turned 25 last Friday. Gfortran is part of GCC.

To that end, Richard Guenther, who works in tool chain development at Suse Labs, and spends his days working on GCC, sent an email to the GCC development newsgroup to mark this historic occasion. Here a part of it, reprinted, for your reading pleasure.

Today the GCC development team celebrates the 25th anniversary of the GNU Compiler Collection.

When Richard Stallman announced the first public release of GCC in 1987, few could have imagined the broad impact that it has had. It has prototyped many language features that later were adopted as part of their respective standards — everything from "long long" type to transactional memory. It deployed an architecture-neutral automatic vectorization facility, OpenMP, and Polyhedral loop nest optimization. It has provided the toolchain infrastructure for the GNU/Linux ecosystem used everywhere from Google and Facebook to financial markets and stock exchanges. We salute and thank the hundreds of developers who have contributed over the years to make GCC one of the most long-lasting and successful free software projects in the history of this industry.

Whether you know it or not, GCC has probably affected how you go about your daily life with computers.

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