Industry best practice and fortran

I don’t know about you but when I know something is undone and unfinished, I don’t feel so enthusiastic in doing anything else. This is the current state of my mind. But this post isn’t about me.

Last saturday read about lisping at jpl and I felt the same about how fortran is shoved around in the name of best practice. . Here’s the relevant paragraph.

The situation is particularly ironic because the argument that has been advanced for discarding Lisp in favor of C++ (and now for Java) is that JPL should use “industry best practice.” The problem with this argument is twofold: first, we’re confusing best practice with standard practice. The two are not the same. And second, we’re assuming that best (or even standard) practice is an invariant with respect to the task, that the best way to write a word processor is also the best way to write a spacecacraft control system. It isn’t.

This is the same argument that is thrown for fortran. I agree to the second point mentioned above. There isn’t an universal language for all tasks. Specific tasks and application require specific languages. Java has it’s use and so does fortran.

What are your thoughts?


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