Little bets

When i began this blog i titled this page projects. Well that was not entirely right, they were my little bets.

As author Peter Sams describes in his book Little bets,  Little bets are low-risk action taken to discover, develop, and test an idea.

Here’s an updated list of some of my past projects little bets.


Excel Kids Game to learn counting 1 to 10



Boxplot in excel



Quartiles in excel and minitab


International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) as a excel UDF



Fortran module to generate Hermite Polynomials 



Fortran module for non-uniform random number



Animating heart in Fortran



Google charts with Fortran



Calculating value of  pi by Monte Carlo Method



Fortran Module to Export Fortran code to HTML



Let it snow in Fortran

let it snow


Binary STL file reader



How to create pgplot Fortran animation/gui based programs with Intel compiler



Fireworks Animation in Fortran



Time in words



Holi hai java applet


Some other recent projects

Feap installation with visual studio - If you ever require a FEM system for quick fem for educational or research purpose. Feap is one of the easiest to get started with. Here’s a rundown with screenshots on how to build it with visual studio with Intel Fortran. Hope this helps. Step 0: Download from: Project Page: Two steps Build […]
Updated Binary STL File Reader - A recent comment on the post titled binary stl file reader in numpy prompted me to revisit the code and while I was looking at it , I updated the same for code to view the loaded stl file. The above picture shows the result. The code as usual available on github from here
OD Command in Windows with Python - I have seen OD command for last two years but had never bothered to look it up. It always remained under the surface. Life went on well without it, until now. During a recent debugging crisis, had to resort to this command for an efficient way to check binary results. All the while had to […]
Quick Gantt Chart with Matplotlib - The problem: You need a quick Gantt chart for a quick proposal report and you dint have any project planner software installed. Solution: While there are many different ways, you only have access to python, well Here’s a simple Gantt chart plotter with just matplotlib. Not for rigorous use but a good substitute to make […]
Quick Intro to 2D and 3D Visualization in Python - Posted a quick tutorial introducing visualization in python. This tutorial offers a quick look at some common 2d and 3d Visualization available in python. This tutorial is meant to give anyone a quick start in matplotlib and mayavi.mlab. The tutorial was written as part of CSRP program of AeSIAA which I am volunteering as a […]
Displaying Truss - The truss program that was posted two weeks back, looked incomplete without a proper visualisations, so here’s a small VTK function written to display the truss with any quantity like stress/reactions or displacement.
Analysing Trusses – a python program - Was digging into my laptop and found this Truss program written in python. Computes, displacement, stresses and reactions.
Map Your Google Location History in 3D - Inspired by this post “Map Your Google Location History”, I re-mashed the excellent tutorial and added a new function to view google location history on a 3D globe. Basemap is cool but VTK visualisation toolkit is cooler. Check the results. And here’s the python notebook to generate the above result. Cool isn’t it?
Voronoi with Python - A few weeks back, a colleague was searching for matlab for a task to get the Voronoi diagram from some points he had. I suggested why not use #python? He was not convinced and he got hold of matlab license and did his job. But I had this itch for trying Voronoi in python, so […]
Fun Experiments with Markov Chain - A stochastic process is a mathematical model that evolves over time in a probabilistic manner. Markov chain is a special kind of stochastic process, where the outcome of the experiment depends only on the outcome of the previous experiment. That is the next state of the system depends only on the present state, not on […]

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