Little bets

When i began this blog i titled this page projects. Well that was not entirely right, they were my little bets.

As author Peter Sams describes in his book Little bets,  Little bets are low-risk action taken to discover, develop, and test an idea.

Here’s an updated list of some of my past projects little bets.


Excel Kids Game to learn counting 1 to 10



Boxplot in excel



Quartiles in excel and minitab


International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) as a excel UDF



Fortran module to generate Hermite Polynomials 



Fortran module for non-uniform random number



Animating heart in Fortran



Google charts with Fortran



Calculating value of  pi by Monte Carlo Method



Fortran Module to Export Fortran code to HTML



Let it snow in Fortran

let it snow


Binary STL file reader



How to create pgplot Fortran animation/gui based programs with Intel compiler



Fireworks Animation in Fortran



Time in words



Holi hai java applet


Some other recent projects

Happy Independence Day - The Internet is amazing. I wrote a python program that does the above interactive animation almost ~9+ years ago to celebrate Independence Day and this is still available and working. Amazing. I am truly surprised. To give it a try follow this link. Click run and then drag your mouse within the black screen. Do […]
Rendering Matplotlib Graphs in Django - If you have seen my post on the expense Django app, the dashboard is rendered using matplotlib’s static files which are passed on runtime to the webpage HTML. See this here in action. All the png images are generated on the fly and sent to the browser to display. Here’s the simple code stript down […]
Parsing Date Like a Boss with Python - Daily planning is one thing that I do regularly. For office related work, most of this is done in outlook and doing all this with GUI would be too distracting, so I have this cmd utility created in python. Here’s how this works Type on cmd and it creates the appropriate meeting schedule. Here’s a […]
Heart Equation - If you are following this blog for a long, you will know, there is always one heart post every other year mostly around valentines day, The posts all almost always based on this equation. Maths is so beautiful. Well here’s this year’s rendition of the heart using the previously discussed comet plot. The code for […]
How Not to Miss any Outlook Appointment -Introducing Email Butler - I work on two PC’s. One is my local machine and another is a virtual remote desktop (VDI) machine where I connect remotely. The remote machine is where I spend most of my workday but the local machine has the primary email where all office-related meetings and other communications come by. So have to manage […]
Definition in Command Line - Kids are much smarter these days. Working from home I had this experience. As soon I settle down to work my younger one will come to me and ask “Daddy what does ‘fluff’ mean? “ Sometimes I answered but most of the time, being busy with my own new work-from-home setup, the default answer was […]
How To Make Your Computer `Chime` - When I was in year 4, my dad got me a Casio digital watch. Its hourly chime and alarm were my favourite features. Those days watches were the smart techs we had. Three years back got myself a retro Casio digital watch just for the chime feature again. Since working from home, the watch has […]
4-7-8 - This was one of the forwards from the HR team when the pandemic started for everyone’s well being. 4-7-8 Breathing technique to calm your mind. It was cool and just for the sake of it, did develop a mini-app in python that helps do this from command line. Here’s a demo. Works in windows, Linux […]
How to Install and Use the Django Expense App - A cousin of mine wanted to use the Django-expense app that I shared a few weeks back, so here are the instructions I sent him. Step 0:Get python Step 1:Install the required modules using the below requirement.txt pip install -f requirements.txt Step 2:Create a new Django project django-admin startproject expensesite expensesite can be any name […]
Managing Housing Society Expenses - Last summer, while in home quarantine, received an update from the housing society committee on the general group, that nominations are invited for new managing committee. I ignored it. Come September, learnt that many ignored the same and now by way of a lottery system I was one of the chosen few to take up […]

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