LS-DYNA Examples


Well this one will be a short post.

If you are into analysis and by any chance use LS-Dyna analysis software tool, then I have a site to recommend to you all.

It’s !!

Yes as the name suggest there are numerous downloadable ls-dyna examples on this website.

Even if you are not into Ls-dyna, but are in analysis, I suggest you take a tour of this website. You will come out by learning something useful.

That’s it, if you know about other sites that might be helpful to other users of this blog, please do name it in comments.


What it takes to produce a good PHD thesis?

Stumbled upon this presentation by Avinash Kak, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University.

Many of friends are pursuing phd, thought this might be helpful to them. But as I went though the PowerPoint, it applies to anything you produce be it a phd thesis or otherwise.

Be sure to check this out.

What it takes to produce a good PHD thesis? (PDF) by Avinash Kak

How to create Fortran DLL in Visual Studio with Intel Fortran compiler

The following link is a PowerPoint presentation on creating a Fortran DLL with intel fortran compiler in visual studio!!

Please click the link to view the presentation!

Create Fortran DLL with Visual Studio

Created this to help a friend trying to do the same for his work. Thought it will be nice to have it online for everyone else.

Maybe next post, I will post how to use this DLL with microsoft excel!!  Stay tuned!!

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Reliance broadband debugging

If you are using reliance broadband, then sometime you are bound to face connection issues.

So here’s the solution that have worked for me. It was suggested by the call center people and it had helped me once!!!

Open cmd in windows

ipconfig /all

note down ip address and physical address

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

then go to browser addressbar and write

You should now see the reliance connection screen!!

This has worked for me, but your milege may vary!!