Serendipity and Springboard

If my last post attention to irrelevant gave an impression that I am struggling with java, you are wrong.

I am enjoying every bit of it. It’s not every day one can pick up a new skill. So I am enjoying the challenge and knowing the fact java is the most popular language is icing on the cake.

The concept of applet is great and I had the most fun in it. Seriously, don’t be surprised if in few weeks time, this blog is filled with applets unlike the pgplot programs.

From procedural to objects, slowly brain is beginning to think in objects.

I see learning oops essential as I know this will be useful in my fortran programs too.

Fortran 2003 and 2008 have oops features that i have tinkered with, but never did that seriously in any of my programs. This serendipity of learning java will help spur that.

After absorbing oops with java, I hope I will take up oops in fortran and will take next leap in fortran.

I remember springboards used at the karate class that I attended when I was a kid. A strong push downward, gave us enough power to jump higher. Java is becoming that same springboard for me.


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