How to use pgplot in windows with Intel Fortran?

Using PGPLot library requires these steps.

  1. Download the Source code
  2. Create the binary font file
  3. Create the pgplot library
  4. Use the above two files to create pgplot programs.

This previous post titled Installing and using Pgplot in windows explains how to accomplish the first three tasks.

Now if you are using windows and want to just use these libraries to create graphs from your fortran program, then i have compiled the pgplot library and the font file for you to use.

You can download the same from this link . This is a pre compiled 32 bit windows pgplot library and the binary font file.

You can use these two files and get straight to creating Pgplot programs.

The zip file includes a make.bat which can be used to create the Pgplot programs.

Download the PgPLOT library


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