Installing gfortran on Mac OS X Mavericks

installing gfortran on Maverick
Until now, didn’t actually need fortran on my mac, having it in office and the home desktop served all needs.
But yesterday really had to install it on mac, so here’s a simple step for installing gfortran on Mac os Mavericks.

There are many ways to install gfortran, but I used the following way and this information is provided to aid my memory and in the hope that others will find it a useful resource.

I choose to use the relevant tar-file provided at the High Performance Computing web page. For convenience and simplicity I choose to install the “gfortran only” distributions.

The files are gzip’d tar-files which should be unpacked by using the Terminal application, as follows:

sudo tar xvfz [tar-file] -C /

That’s it, gfortran is installed at /usr/local/bin location



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