Google charts in fortran

I love google and that is no secret.

I have been tinkering with all the new tech that they have launched. I still miss their google labs feature.

Google charts is one of those tech that has fascinated me ever since. I am on it off and on. Last year around November, I began working on bringing those charts to fortran, my computing language of choice.

I have seen fortran programs driving gnuplot, in the same way, I wanted fortran programs to drive and use the google charts API. Thus i began working on GCharts. Here’s the images produced by GCharts.

google charts in fortran

GCharts was essentially a fortran interface to built google chart graphs.

I did manage to get pie chart and column chart working, but after that GCharts were sidelined as other priorities of life took hold.

Last sunday, as I was cleaning my laptop, I re-discovered GCharts module that i created. I am posting it here unfinished. Will see if I can develop it further.

Cool isn’t it!! Told you google is awesome at these things!!

Download the code


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