Reading helps you see further

Saw this excellent image on my Twitter feed, can resist posting it here.


On Seeing Value….

So True…..and I am not just talking about investing!!!

FEM in Python A Simple Start Guide

getting started wth FEM with python

Wrote this a couple of months back. Yet another tutorial in python, if you are interested in finite element analysis. Nicely goes with this excellent tutorial on FEM.

Click the below link to view the tutorial. FEM with Python

What Are You? A Pale Blue Dot…

Woke up to this video from my inbox. Inspiring!! Just over 3 mins, a definite watch!!

No Bird Soars In A Calm.

Here’s a quote to break the silence.  

Hope to get to cruise condition soon….

Thanks for reading.

What can Software Teams Learn From Aviation?

This pycon talk combines my two passions, aviation and software development. Grab a cold coffee and watch this very interesting talk. Just a little over half an hour, if you have any interest in any of this two stream, you will like the talk.

What can Python-based software teams learn from aviation? Why should software always fail hard? What’s wrong with too many error logs? And why are ops people already like pilots? Learn all this, and about planes, too.

If in hurry, you can download the PDF of the presentation.

Investing is easier than you think, but ….

Warren Buffett said, “Investing is easier than you think, but harder than it looks.”

Here’s a graph of my investing activity from 2011.

The orange represents sale of stocks and green represents buying activity.

Reveals a pattern. Moving towards being a gardner.


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