Python workshop for AeSI
I love developing software. I also love helping people to learn how to develop better. That’s why I write about programming. There is so much to learn; it’s a rare day on which I don’t learn something new, and it’s a rare week in which I don’t apply some new understanding to a problem that I’m solving for a client.

Now I have some more time to focus on creating something that I believe will help AeSI students to program better. I’m pleased to announce a free one day python workshop, all aimed at AeSI students, graduates who want to improve their skills.

This workshop, which will include lectures, demos, and many exercises. The wprkshop begins with an introduction to Python, then describes how to use list/set/dict comprehensions, customizing list.sort and sorted, lambda, map/filter/zip, reduce, and the many standard python modules. This workshop will be intense and highly interactive and will give you a new perspective on programming in general, and particularly in Python.

Register for the event! Its FREE


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