Patran Neutral Mesh File Writer updated


A recent comment from a blog reader made me relook at the patran neutral mesh file writer routine that I had on this blog.

Since the code was pasted on this blog, it lacked proper update and ability to have a test case or example file.

So spent this weekend, creating an example file and have uploaded the code and the example on github.

The entire writer is now availabe at

Hope to add and update the code more often. 🙂



Patran Neutral Mesh File Writer

Patran Neutral Mesh File Writer
A few years back, while learning to code in a new in-house Finite element software, I had to display some results in the GUI. And the GUI didn’t allow any GUI display unless a mesh or model was loaded.

With no FE model available, I hacked it by creating a on the fly one 8 noded, single element brick mesh and tricked the software to get my results displayed.

What I did was write a simple patran neutral mesh file. Over the years I have built on that idea and here’s a fortran module that can be used to generate a patran neural mesh file given a set of elements and node coordinates.

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