Threat or …..

The integration of AI, robotics, and quantum computing into our lives has been a topic of much discussion and speculation. However, rather than viewing these technological advancements as a threat, we should see them as a way to enhance and augment our capabilities.

History has shown us the power of man and machine working together, as exemplified by Wilbur Wright’s story of innovation in flight. Just as aviation is no longer considered “artificial” flight, we should view technological intelligence as an extension of human intelligence.

Recently read this in the book “hit refresh” by Satya Nadella

AI, robotics, and even quantum computing will simply be the latest examples of machines that can work in concert with people to achieve something greater.

Historian David McCullough has told the story of Wilbur Wright, the bike mechanic and innovator of heavier-than-air flight at the turn of the last century. McCullough describes how Wilbur used everything he could humanly muster—his mind, body, and soul—to coax his gliding machine into flight. The grainy old film, shot from a distance, fails to capture his grit and determination. But if we could zoom in, we’d see his muscles tense, his mind focus, and the very spirit of innovation flow as man and machine soared into the air for the first time, together.

When history was made at Kitty Hawk, it was man with machine—not man against machine.

Today we don’t think of aviation as “artificial flight”—it’s simply flight. In the same way, we shouldn’t think of technological intelligence as artificial, but rather as intelligence that serves to augment human capabilities and capacities

From the book Hit Refresh

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