The Man Who Boiled Urine to Get Gold.

Ever since we moved our dinner out of our TV room, dinner time has been a constant source of enjoyment. Sometimes kids tell their stories and sometimes I tell them stories that I have read from the recent books I have been reading.

Last month told an interesting story to kids from the Book Elemental by Tim James. I was hoping to post it here on this blog but my Son beat me to it. He likes these stories and wastes no time in sharing them if they are interesting on his blog. Do read this. You will love the story.

The man who boiled urine for gold.
Click on the image to read.

Its a story of a late seventh-century German experimenter named Henning Brandt who proved everyday substances had elements locked inside them and most of the stuff we thought pure was not so.

Do give it a read. The Man Who Boiled Urine.

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