Error While migrating a Django Project

Here’s an error I encountered while migrating a Django project from my PC to Mac. Nothing related to the difference in architecture but as I later learned, the solution was quite simple and comes out of the box in Django.


OperationalError at /admin/exp/expense/add/
no such table: exp_expense
Request Method:	POST
Request URL:
Django Version:	2.2.16
Exception Type:	OperationalError
Exception Value:	
no such table: exp_expense
Exception Location:	D:\apps\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\django\db\backends\sqlite3\ in execute, line 383
Python Executable:	D:\apps\anaconda3\python.exe
Python Version:	3.8.3
Python Path:	


(sdh_env) (base) C:\Users\Sukhbinder\Desktop\PROJECTS\exptest\test_exp>python migrate --run-syncdb
Operations to perform:
Synchronize unmigrated apps: exp, messages, rest_framework, staticfiles
Apply all migrations: admin, auth, contenttypes, sessions
Synchronizing apps without migrations:
Creating tables…
Creating table exp_expense
Running deferred SQL…
Running migrations:
No migrations to apply.

That’s it. Addition of –run_syncdb in the migrate command.

python migrate --run_syncdb

Have you faced anything similar?

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