To Get Conda in cmd System-Wide

You have installed Miniconda3 on my Windows (10/7) laptop. You can run python through the Anaconda Prompt but python is not recognised in the Windows Command Prompt.

From Windows Command Prompt if you type in ‘conda info’ you get this because it doesn’t even recognise conda:

‘conda’ is not recognized as an internal ….

How to solve this?

Sometimes having conda in cmd line is a useful thing to have. Opening Anaconda prompts just for accessing conda utilities is a hassle, so I always have conda available in cmd systemwide.

Here’s are two steps to follow.

To get conda in cmd system-wide

Step 1

If Anaconda is installed for the current user only, add %USERPROFILE%\Anaconda3\condabin (I mean condabin, not Scripts) into the environment variable PATH (the user one). If Anaconda is installed for all users on your machine, add C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\condabin into PATH.

How do I set system environment variables on Windows?

set path=%path%%USERPROFILE%\Anaconda3\condabin

Step 2
Open a new Powershell or CMD, run the following command once to initialize conda.

conda init

These steps make sure the conda command is exposed to your cmd.exe and Powershell.

Hope this helps someone.

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