Books Read in 2021 Part 2

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This is part 2 of the book read post. If you haven’t read the previous part, read here.

A friend of mine once suggested, a line or two of context on the books rather than just giving the names of the book, hence posted last year’s list this way.

So here’s the rest of the book list.

The Dhandho investors by Monish Parai.
In my local area, most of the shops from chemist to hardware sales are mainly run by Rajasthan’s and Gujratis. Dhandho means business in Gujrati. This book marries the attitude of these business men and how their thinking style can be used for equity investing.

The invention of Air by Stephen T johnson.
I like books by Stephen T Johnson, so wanted to read this one for a long time. Finally got it on my kindle and was not disappointed. This is a book on life of Joseph Pristley and the discovery of Oxygen. Not the best book from Stephen but worth a read.

The Clever Guts Diet by Michael Mosely
Not as good as the book written by Guilia Enders’s book Gut, but this book talks more about the food and recipes. I specially liked the initial bits than the specific recipes

The Unusual Billionaire by Saurabh Mukherjee.
My first book by the author and loved the thesis and research he presented in the stories of the business and their founders. Liked the way it was presented. Lot of graphs and data points which will satisfy the inner analyst in any reader.

Noise by Sunstein Cass R.
I had high expectations from this book but after the initial chapters the book was a chore to read. Mostly peppered with US centric examples, the book soon lost its plot for me. A good read for the big concepts it presented.

An Arranged murder by Chetan Bhagat
A simple murder mystery. I like the simple writing style of the author. Not his best but definitely something that can be read once.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates
I did not want to read this as I thought I knew what is coming but I was surprised. The book is one the best book I have read this year. Not because of the topic but because of the way of thinking that the book encouraged. Definitely picked up few tips and applying them to my own investing journey.

Exercised: The science of Physical activity, Rest and Health by Daniel Lieberman
Loved this book. Takes the reader to a journey. Is sitting good? How much exercise is enough? etc. All questions answered and explored as Daniel Lieberman takes the reader on this discovery.

The Last Human by Lee Bacon.
Read this after the glowing review from kids. A good and well written story. Check my post about it here.

Einstein’s Fridge by Paul Sen
Thermodynamics was my favorite subject while studying engineering. Never thought I will encounter it in this book. Pleasantly surprised and absolutely loved this book. Another one I can’t recommend enough.

Positioning by Al Rise and Jack Trout.
A classic recommended by many. Loved this. Before reading I thought I would have heard the ideas but I was wrong. A good book on positioning and loved each page of it.

Coffee Can Investing by Saurabh Mukherjee and Pranab Uniyal.
I encountered this term in his book on the unusual billionaires so thought of reading this book. Yes a good book but I like his other books better. The book for me came out as a prescriptive, which was off-putting.

Numbers Don’t Lie by Vaclav Smith.
If you have to read one book by the author let it be this. He has written a lot of books which are still in my to-read list. This particular books in on the range of topics and presents a picture of the world through numbers and how they are not usually what we think they are.

The President’s Daughter by Bill Clinton and James Patterson
Have read the previous book by Bill Clinton, liked it. So picked this up. Was not disappointed. Not bad for one time read.

Skin in the game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
A yearly ritual in book reading is that I re-read one of Taleb’s book. So picked this up during the fag end of the year. Again the re-read was as usual much more insightful than the previous reads.

The Biography of a Failed Venture by Prashant Desai.
My last read of the year. This was about an Indian entrepreneur’s failed attempt to start a business. Liked the way the book was written and got a lot of insights on how business work particularly in India.

So one quick question, which book are you interested in reading from this list?

Other book related posts are mentioned below.

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