Books Read in 2021 – Part 1

Like most people, due to pandemic, due to working from home, I have worked from various different places last year.

My most reading used to happen during office commute, so reading time was already down. And this movement from one place to another reduced this further. This reflects in the number of books I have read.

Here’s the rundown of the books I liked and read through in 2021.

Gut by Giulia Enders.
My 3rd book on the subject and by far the most interesting and something that I have enjoyed and learnt a lot. Have wrote a few posts regarding this book last year. A tale of the most underrated organ of the body.

Why we Eat (too much) by Andrew Jenkinson.
Written by a doctor, this has surprisingly good insights. Have added a few of this book’s insights to my life. Good to see how eating habits, the structure of cells and environments all come together.

The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life by Alice Christie.
This book was long pending. Did not want to start as I thought I already know a lot about Warren Buffet. But boy I was wrong. A good portrait of the oracle of Omaha. Must read for anyone interested in investing and in life lessons. Have posted a few insights from the book here in this blog post.

The Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie.
One of the things I miss about the UK is the TV shows portraying Agatha Cristie’s detectives. Picked this book to reminisce about the old days. This book has 13 simple mysteries. I loved most of them. Does anyone know of a contemporary author who writes in this genre?

The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick Mackeown
Started reading this after a blog post. Simple idea but the author took a long time harping on this. A simple idea beat to death by repetition. Also, there’s a slant of marketing in the book which was offputting.

How long is a piece of String by Rob Eastaway
It’s a book on maths. Marrying common sense with mathematics and tying all this through very common examples from daily life. I will reread this again.

Upstream by Dan Heath.
This was my first and only audiobook this year. We tend to downplay the preventive measures and this book shows why we shouldn’t. Lots of good stories and a lot of insights. Nudged by this book, I solved a few long-standing minor annoyances of daily life.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.
Re-read this book. I recommended this book in one of the office daily standups and went ahead re-reading it. A highly recommended book.

From Gutenberg to Google by Tom Wheeler
A book on the spread of communication systems. I loved this book. The history buff in me was satisfied in reading how people were reacting to new tech. Found many parallels to how the current techs like crypto/AI/ML and how we are reacting to it. Tie it with this post Machine Learning – Thou aimest high

How to Decide by Annie Duke.
Disappointed. Annie Duke’s last book thinking in bet was way way better. This one was like a sermon.

7 Mistakes every investor makes by Joachim Klement.
A good read. Learnt a few new things and reinforced a few old concepts. This is the time I decided I will read one investment-related book a month.

Never split the difference by Chris Voss.
I had this book with me for 2 years now but never felt any desire to pick this up until this year. But boy I was surprised. A good book on negotiations and human behaviour in general. Kept me thinking. I will re-read it again.

A world without email by Cal Newport
A good read. Much before reading this had implemented a system for kids to study using the nudge from the book upstream. This is a book I will revisit again.

A Triump of Genius by Ronald K Fierstein
A long book on the life of Edwin land and Polaroid. An inside view on how the legal system for industrial disputes between Kodak and Polaroid played out. A good read to see how companies react when disruptions happen. Very relevant for the current times.

I think this is enough for now. More in the next post.

Few past book related posts listed below.

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