A Proper Bhangra Gif

While in lock-down due to COVID-19, our standup meeting morphed into daily cafe with one social things that we did as a team. A few weeks back the theme of the social cafe was music you like.

For this I was going to present my favorite kind of music, which is bhangra style music. For this presentation on my music theme, I needed a good animation of Bhangra. After few google searches, all I got was cartoonist versions of the dance form.

All of them looked childish and cartoonish. I couldn’t find a decent one that was actually depicting the dance form in its true essence, but that search led me to this YouTube video.

I liked the simple background. As I did not have access to a screen capturing software on my work computer, launched python and created this gif using it.

Code and steps I took to convert this you tube video to the gif that I wanted if something for a different post.

So here’s a proper Bhangra Gif, Thanks to the youtube video for all the credits.

Be sure watch the Youtube video that has the music with this dance.

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