From birth of transistor to tell tale brain

In the last post I listed my reading list for the year. Someone asked, which books will I recommend from this stack?
The books that come to the mind are…

1. The bell labs

Engrossing account of the birth of transistors and otheri bell lab inventions. Loved the way how the chapters were framed and how each was organized. 

2. Gun germs and steel

Long book but fascinating in many ways. Takes you back in time and unfolds the history bit by bit. Highly recommended. 

3. The tell tale brain

Another fascinating book. I thought I knew enough about the brain and this book explained everything I knew with a neurological twist. Loved it. After reading this you will never see brain with the same eyes. 

4. Survival of the fittest

Evolution from a genes perspective. Loved it and many a times, turned to YouTube to experience and learn more. 

5. Black swan

This is again a long book but fascinating. Read it for the longest time and still marinating on some of it idea. Cryptic language but love the way the author was playing with the reader throughout the books narrative. 
6. I built the Industrial Age Henry Ford

Started the book thinking I know the crux of the topic but found lot of new perspective. The author transforms the reader to a time when cars were just introduced. It reminds me of the digital and mobile transformation that is happening now. Loved the entire book although felt the organisation of chapters was a bit off for me.

Do you have any recommendations?


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