The secret to balancing work and play

BooksToReadI like google photos on my smart phone. Love the way it organises the photos. I particularly like the feature “This day a year ago”…

Wish I had similar feature in my ebook reader, until that time, I will keep revisiting my notes from the already read books.

Here’s a note I stumbled across today. This is from book The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun, which was one of the last year’s read..

The secret to balancing work and play is thinking of the mind as a filter. Instead of binary switches—open vs. closed, creative vs. routine—we want a sliding scale of openness that we can control.

If you want new ideas, you have to slide toward openness, turning some filters off, exploring thoughts you’d ordinarily reject offhand. Do this until some interesting ideas are found; then, gradually turn more filters on until you’re left with a handful that are both good and practical for the problem at hand.

Choosing which filters to apply when has much to do with successful innovation; it’s not just having an open mind, it’s also knowing when to postpone certain judgements, and then when to bring them back in.

If a mind is always open, it never finishes anything; if a mind is never open, it never starts.

Google are you listening!!!


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