Books 2015

Almost all the blogs I follow had a book post this week, that reminded me to look at my reading list for this year. 

So here is it from top to bottom. 

This year was an interesting mix of books and I see an increased focus on investing.

  • The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar
  • Charlie Chaplin by Peter Ackroyd
  • Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus by David Quammen
  • The Power of Less by Leo Babauta
  • The Little Book of Economics by Ip, G.
  • Hooked by Nir Eyal
  • The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks by Hilary Kramer
  • The Little Book of Valuation: How to Value a Company, Pick a Stock and Profit (Little Books. Big Profits) by Damodaran, Aswath
  • In Defense of Food by Pollan, Michael
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow by Kahneman, Daniel
  • The Element by Ken Robinson
  • The Armchair Economist -Economics & Everyday Life by Landsburg, Steven El
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You By Newport, Cal
  • Purple cow by Seth Godin
  • Being Mortal Atul Gwande
  • Seeking wisdom from Darwin to Charlie Munger by Peter
  • The Warren Buffet Portfolio by Robert G
  • The Myth of innovation by Scott Berken
  • Permission marketing by Seth Godin
  • The little book of big dividend investing by Charles B. Carlson and Terry Savage
  • The road less travel by M. Scott Peck
  • The Wright Brothers By David McCullough
  • How to drive a tank and other everyday tips for the modern gentleman – Frank Coles
  • The Wandering Mind by Michael C Cornallis
  • Rise of robots: technology and the threat of a jobless future by Martin Ford
  • All marketers are liars by Seth Godin
  • Irrationally yours: on missing stocks, pickup lines and other existential puzzles by Dan Ariely
  • The road to character by David Brooks
  • Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman by Ralph Leighton
  • The selfish gene by Richard Dawkins
  • Misbehaving: the making of behavioral economics by Richard H Thaler
  • Carrots and Sticks by Ian Ayres
  • The invisible gorilla by Chistopher Chabris
  • Standard Deviations by Gary Smith
  • Think twice by Michael J. Mauboussin
  • Stumbling on happiness Daniel Gilbert
  • The rational optimist by Mat Ridley

If I have to choose choose top 5 among the lot then this is the list in no particular order.

  1. Charlie Chaplin
  2. Surely you are joking Mr Feynman
  3. Rational Optimist
  4. Think Twice
  5. Stumbling upon happiness. 

What are your fav reads for 2015?


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