Reading list and Lollapalooza effect

Never thought giving up motorbike ride will be so fruitful. Recent location change has put plenty of alone walking time to my office and this had an unexpected effect on my book reading.Here’s the list of the books that I have read since my last post on books. 

  1. Purple cow by Seth Godin
  2. Being Mortal Atul Gwande
  3. Seeking wisdom from Darwin to Charlie Munger by Peter
  4. The Warren Buffet Portfolio by Robert G
  5. The Myth of innovation by Scott Berken 
  6. Permission marketing by Seth Godin
  7. The little book of big dividend investing by 
  8. The road less travel by
  9. The Wright Brothers By David McCullough
  10. How to drive a tank and other everyday tips for the modern gentleman – Frank Coles
  11. The Wandering Mind by Michael C Cornallis
  12. Rise of robots: technology and the threat of a jobless future by Martin Ford
  13. All marketers are liars by Seth Godin
  14. Irrationally yours: on missing stocks, pickup lines and other existential puzzles by Dan Ariely
  15. The road to character by David Brooks
  16. Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman by Ralph Leighton
  17. The selfish gene by Richard Dawkins 
  18. Misbehaving: the making of behavioral economics by Richard H Thaler

Am surprised at the length of the list. I guess this is what Charlie Munger calls a lollapalooza effect. Combination of factors leading to an outstanding results. No bike, long walks to office and plenty of alone time.  

My top three books of the lot are

  1. Seeking wisdom
  2. Rise of robots
  3. Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman

Which one have you read?


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