Finishing well

finish-lineThis is an old post that I have on my work computer and home laptop since two years now. Ever since I have read it, this note is always with me in some for or the other.

We all know to start well, but it’s finishing well that really takes the task to the next level. Everyone starts but finishing and finishing it well is something that never gets its due.

As this blog is increasingly becoming a repository of things I learn, like, and love so placing this note here.

It’s not enough to finish the checklist, to hurriedly do the last three steps and declare victory.

In fact, the last coat of polish and the unhurried delivery of worthwhile work is valued all out of proportion to the total amount of effort you put into the project.

It doesn’t matter how many designers, supply chains, workers, materials and factories were involved–if the box is improperly sealed, that’s how you will be judged.

By – Seth Godin


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