Simple Introduction To Working With HDF In PYTHON?


In May 2014 I wrote this tutorial, but stupidly made it as a gif format. Don’t know why?

Today had the chance to revisit that page and I felt the GIF format made the tutorial useless, so dumped it and used ipython notebook to create a more updated but simple tutorial to get started working with HDF in python.

If you are into scientific coding, you will encounter HDF and I hope this simple tutorial will get you started in python. Enjoy!

Click here to view the tutorial


4 thoughts on “Simple Introduction To Working With HDF In PYTHON?

      • Yeah, actually I’ve mostly been using h5py instead of PyTables cause it was written to work more like NumPy. Also, I believe h5py is more actively developed. Lastly, h5py supports parallel HDF5 which AFAIK isnt the case in PyTables


      • Thanks. Will try to use h5py sometime. Parallel is definitely a plus. Thanks for the info. By the wY loved your blog and posts on VTK, I don’t write about VTK much here but I use it for simple visualisations in my projects and your VTK posts will definitely help.


        > >


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