How to Read HDF5 with Python – a simple introduction

HDF keeps coming into my world from one place or the other. A colleague is working on it, then it showed up in a side project i am working and now I stumbled on a video praising hdf5. So finally decided to dig into it and find more about it.

  1. HDF stands for Hierarchical Data Format. This (HDF, HDF4, or HDF5) is a set of file formats and libraries designed to store and organize large amounts of numerical data. Originally developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, it is supported by the non-profit HDF Group.
  2. HDF5 format supports any kind of data for digital storage regardless of their origin and some.
  3. HDF5 stores data in a highly organised and hierarchical format
  4. HDF5 is highly efficient chunked input output operations.
  5. HDF5 allows inclusion of metadata and attribute.
  6. The format is platform independent and is widely used in scientific codes.
  7. HDF5 data model consists of two major objects, Datasets and Groups.

Enough theory? Here’s a super simple introduction to reading hdf5 data via python.



Read more about HDF5 here [pdf] and here


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