Generate Full Year Calendar and Monthly Planner with Mac Os Mavericks Command Line


Its that time of the year when most search for a good full year calendar and a monthly planner. For years I have used excellent resource for yearly calendars.

Last year moved to Mac and I knew there were this two cool utilities available in all macs including os Mavericks. The cal command and cupsfilter.

Combined them and here’s two simple command lines to generate your very own yearly calendar and monthly planner. The beauty of this technique is that using cal and cupsfilter in the bare bone form is sufficient to get some pretty good results.

Full Year Calendar with Command Line in Mac OS x

cal 2014 > cal.txt & cupsfilter -D cal.txt  > cal2014.pdf

Here cal yyyy gives the yearly calendar which is routed to the cups filter to generate the pdf.

Monthly Planner with Command line in Mac OS x

txt=_____________________________________________________________________________ &
for d in $(seq 12); do cal $d 2014; for i in $(seq 27); do echo $txt;echo  ;done; done > cal.txt & cupsfilter -D cal.txt > MonthlyPlanner_2014.pdf

Prints one month and then some 27 lines and then prints the next month. Something like this.

You might have to tinker with the number 27 to get each month in separate pages.

Well, if you don’t want to do all this. Here’s the two docs that I generated.

And just found that the calendar of 1947 and 2014 are the same. So its Independence Year for India!!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!


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