Patterns of Successful New Year’s Resolution

The other day, found a colleague in office having oats with milk in the afternoon as lunch. That was odd, so asked her what’s the reason. She said she wanted to lose weight so has started her New Years resolution couple of weeks earlier.

Well that reminds me, just few days left to the year end and time to think about resolutions or goals for the new year.

Like many, I make tons of them every year and like many I fail, disown or abandon many before the end of january. But fortunately some come through, some survive and gets completed. And they share these 3 common patterns.

Make it daily.
The resolution thats succeeds has been broken down to a simple daily activity. This ensures they are not outcome goals anymore but are process goals now.

Make it lazy.
The resolution that succeeds doesn’t need a Herculean effort but just the opposite. The simple daily activity is chosen such that my lazy self also doesn’t complain about.

Do it first thing in the morning.
The resolution that succeeds is always the first thing that gets done, be it in office or at home. It’s the pay yourself first principal in action. A simple activity over the course of 365 days compounds!

That’s it, my two cents for the upcoming resolution season.

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