Journey Through a Gas Turbine

Sitting in the training room, looking at the projected GA’s of Trent XWB, surrounded by a white board littered with T-S diagrams and gas turbine cycle equations and hearing Mr CJB, Rolls Royce performance specialist for 30 years, gas turbine training couldn’t be better.

Had a really gruelling and most awesome week long training session. The lectures were instructive and the lecturer inspiring. Loved every bit of it.

Somewhere in the middle, got reminded of a video, that I saw when I began working for Rolls-Royce. Journey through a gas turbine. Its showed a beautiful animation of journey of air particles through a gas turbine engine.

Came back home and searched it on the Internet. Strangely it’s was no where to be found. Not on YouTube, not on Vimeo. Not on Rolls-Royce website.

I loved that video. šŸ˜¦

Then found the next best thing at Rolls-Royce website, but there was no way to share that. So here’s a screen-grab of the video.

This screen grab is low-res video of Rolls-Royce Journey through the gas turbine, visit for a full, richer experience.

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