Revisiting reading list and serendipity

On February 15th I posted this reading list for myself. I read lot of books this year, but how many of these books were party of this list.

  • Switch Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  • Mastery Robert Green
  • Born in Africa Martin Meredith
  • I’m feeling lucky Douglas Edwards
  • The Language Instinct Steven Pinker
  • The making of the atomic bomb Richard Rhodes
  • The Borderlands of Science, Michael Shermer
  • Why people believe weird things Michael Shermer
  • The Third Chimpanzee Jared Diamond
  • A random walk down wall street Burton G Malkiel
  • The God Virus Darrel W Ray
  • Just six numbers Martin Rees
  • Sleeping with your Smart Phone Leslie Perlow

If you have seen this post, none of the book here feature there. I started Mastery and Just Six Numbers but didn’t finish. So apart from that, I failed completely.

What does this say about me? Believer of randomness and serendipity. Well at least in book reading, I love the fact that I don’t plan and read whatever I find interesting at that time. Sometime I stumbled upon a book name from a blog post and sometimes it pops on my twitter stream. Someone asked, be a part of goodreads to get to know about books, but I have resisted this so far, just to let serendipity play its part…

That said, after reading the book list, I am eager to pick some of books again…. let’s see.

Over to you now. How do you plan your reading?


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