Software Slaves: How to Put iOS device to recovery mode

iPod touch was my first apple device. It has been my companion for a long time now. It works like a charm. Although the power button gave up a year back, it’s a piece of hardware and software that has served me well and entertained me and my daughter on many occasions.

So without power button working, we couldn’t switch it off but everything else worked fine. At least at that time.

A month ago, all of a sudden, I saw the dreaded “iPod is disabled! “ screen. With a message to retry after 22 million minutes!

22 million minutes!! Somehow the password protection kicked in and iPod was locked for 22 million minutes!

From the online apple forums, found out that this can be only repaired by putting the iPod into a recovery mode. But with the power button broken, so that was impossible to do on this iPod. The options I had were, to get the power button repaired or forget about the iPod.

Chose the latter option. But just yesterday, found a small piece of great software that is just meant for situations like this, RecBoot is an app, available in windows, Mac and Linux to put your iOS device to recovery mode by connecting to a USB port of a computer, even when the power button is broken.

The software is such a life saver. Must for every iOS device owner. The iPod is back and alive and Barun is exploring it. 🙂


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