Are You a Gardener or Gambler ?

The other day, we were discussing investing in stock market across the lunch table. Everyone was recounting their experience with the market. Some did it once and are out. Some do it everyday and are making decent profit. Some invest for long term and forget.

As the discussion continued, I realised, there are basically two groups at that table. Gamblers and Gardeners. Those who see market as a gambling table and the one who treat it as a garden. Though gamblers outnumber gardeners.

As the discussion progressed, I pondered about my journey in investing. When I began investing especially in market, I looked at it as a gambler and my initial investments, though based on fundamentals were biased with recent speculation about the stock. My views were coloured. And my aim at that time was to get quick profits and re invest.

Thankfully the mindset has shifted and now my investing attitude is more of a Gardener. I see building a portfolio as planting seeds and tending them. I try not to speculate and only invest when I find value. This attitude doesn’t require daily work but just like a Gardener, requires tending, de-weeding and watering.

What do you think?
Are you a Gardener or Gambler when it comes to investing? What is your investing style?


5 thoughts on “Are You a Gardener or Gambler ?

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