A Mac App for Your Windows

Dictionary App

I am using Mac OS for more than 10 months now and every day I am loving it more… It’s the little tweaks and apps that make using it such a pleasure.

One of them is the quick Dictionary available at finger tips across all apps. Select a word, press the shortcut key and the meaning pops up. (Shown in image above). Made reading of ebooks on Mac so much fun.

Missed this feature so much when working on windows, created a similar app in windows. Uses dictionary.com, Oxford online dictionary and google to get the meaning of the selected word.

Here’s the fruit of two days of intermittent work.
Download the App as Zip file

No installation. Unzip. Click on the executable.

How to use:
1. Select the word.
2. Click F10

Use F11 to use google and use F12 for online Oxford dictionary.

Unlike the Mac app, this app needs online access to work!!


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