Blast From the Past- 4 function keys in excel

excel_animation2I wrote the following post in 2009 at one of my old blog. Yesterday I got a comment on that entry, which led me to that post.

It’s still relevant and I think knowing few shortcuts in excel or any application we regularly use is a good thing. Knowing it lets us focus on the core of our work and make us more efficient.

So here’s full copy of the post.

Whatever you use, be it catia, solidworks, UG, NASTRAN,ANSYS ,PATRAN, HYPERMESH or any other CAE software, excel is one of the software tool that will always cross your way. Maybe for preparing some graphs or presenting the data from the analysis. For my current work, excel is tool that I use everyday in my office. So today I would like to share 4 function key shortcuts of excel that has made my life easy.

F2 the second most used key for me. If you want to edit a cell value. This is the key to use. Instead of double clicking F2 comes handy to edit those long formulae’s.

F7 spell checker. My spellings are bad, even in spread sheet I manage to get many spelling mistakes, so one click on F7 ! I don’t know how I would survive without it.

F4 is the most versatile function key of excel. I use it the most. It repeats your last action. So this can be used for many tasks. Since there is no fix action, so its programmable to use any action. If I have to delete a row, repeatedly. I select the row and then right click on it and choose delete. After than any row I want to delete I just choose that row and press F4. Similarly if I have to clear lot of stuff from one sheet. I use F4 key instead of right click and choosing clear contents multiple times.

F11. Most of the time my work in excel involves making graphs of the data and F11 comes to the rescue. just select the data and press F11. You will have the default graph plotted. Since I want a particular type of graph so I always make a default graph and use it every time I need a graph.

Do you have any shortcut keys then please do share it with me.


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