Books that kept me occupied in 2012

From philosophy to how brain works, from economy to how Eskimos keep their babies warm, I ready quite a few books this year. Here’s the partial list of books that kept me occupied during the year 2012.

Read most of the books during initial and the fag end of the year while the middle months, like the Indian middle order, collapsed.

1. The well dressed ape. By Hannae Holmes.
2. The invisible gorilla.
3. Mind wide open.
4. How to think like Leonardo da Vinci.
5. You are not your brain.
6. Value investing today.
7. How we decide.
8. How the economy grows and why it crashes. By Peter D schiff
9. Predictably irrational.
10. Meltdown by Thomas J Wood
11. The science of being great.
12. The shallows: what the Internet is doing to us.
13. Happy for no reason.
14. Steve Jobs
15. Thinking fast and thinking slow.
16. Upside of irrationality.
17. A Whole New Mind.
18. The talent code.
19. Checklist Manifesto
20. Jim Cramer’s Real Money
21. Quiet the Power of Introverts
22. Moonwalking with Einstein.
23. Mental Traps: The over thinker’s guide to a happier life.
24. Honey, I wrecked the kids -Alyson Schafer
25. How Eskimos Keep their babies warm.
26. Free

Can read about some of these books here

Before the year ends, I would like to thank you all for your time in reading the blog and wish you a brighter and better new year ahead.


2 thoughts on “Books that kept me occupied in 2012

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