Organising with 6S


Early march this year, I attended a lecture on 6S or the Kaizen methods. Loved the lecture and the way it was presented.

The ideas have since stuck in mind and over the months I have used this framework in many activities. The power of the framework came in full exhibit when I moved to a new house here. The house was mess and even a simple chore of making tea was a series of fumbles on getting everything ready.

But then slowly and unconsciously I applied the first 3S of the 6S and it has done magic to the room.  The room and house is more organised than it was before. Though far from perfect.

I didn’t realize this then that I had actually applied this principles, today when I got to office I stumbled upon this PDF on introduction to the 6S and I remembered it again.

If you would like to get a little more organised and need a simple framework to get things done, then reading this PDF is what I recommend.

An Introduction to 6S [pdf]


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