Books read in 2012


books for 2012

Six months over and here’s the list of the books that I have read so far.

Not much but the pace has throttled out from the time my son was born. Am trying to pick it up.

1. The well dressed ape. By Hannae Holmes. Who we are animally speaking. Dotted with Humor, this book is full of good stuff about humans and our place in the animal kingdom.

2. The invisible gorilla. Have heard about the Invisible gorilla experiment and this book is by the creaters of that experiment, showing us how our mind deceives us and how many times we miss the gorilla dancing in our lifes.

3. Mind wide open. From neural feedback table to exploring the difference between freudians and the neurochemicals of brain, this book opens your mind.

4. How to think like Leonardo da Vinci. The name of the book was intriguing but the author rushed the whole book. Thankfully a short book.

5. You are not your brain. Half read. I Abandoned the Book after chapter 3. Felt like the author was commanding than putting his arguments. Felt the book was repetitive and monotonous. Will try to take it up latter.

6. Value investing today. How can you not love a book which helps you give much deeper insight into the subject you are deeply immersed in. I loved this book. Absolutely recommended to everyone interested in value investing.

7. How we decide I was hooked to this book from the first page. How can one not be hooked when you start with such a visual journey sitting inside a aircraft cockpit about to crash land in Tokyo. Brilliant and very insightful. Will re read it again.

8. How the economy grows and why it crashes. By Peter D schiff
When I saw the title, I had a feeling that I am not going to like this book. But surprisingly I was so wrong. Loved the simplicity and the fish economy story. Everoyone should read this book.

9. Predicatably irrational. For me this book gave voice to some of my experiences so far. I intutively has seen many of the experiences here. The power of expectation and the illusion of options were specially interesting. Learnt many things, some of them has already rubbed off in my life.

10. Meltdown by Thomas J Wood
Interesting book. Loved the part where author briefly touched on the history of money. Must for people interested in economics and how the system works. This book compliments the previous book.

11. The science of being great. Interesting title, but all the author wants to tell us is became god and you will be great. The science was from spiritual angle. I generally do not like books inclined to religion and this book had number of pages where I though i should abandon it. But then went on. Shortness of the book saved it.

12. The shallows: what the Internet is doing to us. It’s a long book meandering into many topics. The basic essence is new technologies give us effeciency but in gaining from this tech, we are loosing something. We shouldn’t just look at the benefits of the technology but see what we are loosing when begin using it.

13. Happy for no reason. While reading this book, twice resisted the urge to abandon the book. But carried on. Will not recommend it. Lacks content and form. And finally at around mid point, I was not able to move ahead with the book

14. Steve Job.
Liked this book. Had few moments that I reread. If you love apple’s devices, this books shows you the labor of love and passion that went into it.

15. Thinking fast and thinking slow. Some books you just cruise through, some books you read and ponder and then read. This is one of those books. Loving it so far. Still midway. Definitely must have book.

Well that was my half yearly reading list, what’s your? Recommend some good books if you like any!

Thanks for reading..

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