Recipe for online learning

This last post was built on the premise that never has there been a time where information could be so freely found outside of formal education. It’s a time when anyone can learn just about anything one desire. However, it’s not enough to just have access to the information.

As this TEDx video discusses, we need a recipe for all the ingredients to learn anything online. I liked most of the ideas presented in this video. Its applied common sense!

Here are some points that stood out for me from the video.

  • Consuming information is not the same thing as wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. When information becomes structured in our own minds in an interconnected way, we are able to do something useful with what we have learned.
  • Reflection helps you to synthesize information and connect it to other threads of knowledge you already hold in memory
  • Teaching is an activity that forces you to reflect on what you’re learning
  • Dedicate some “down time” to think about what you’re learning..
  • The learning community is vitally important because they will also push out reminders via social cues: reminders to meet with the group, Facebook posts about upcoming events, or tweets pointing you to good resources on your topic of interest. If you begin to fall through the cracks on your learning project, your social network might just pull you back on track.
  • Learning a body of knowledge needs a significant time investment. Sufficient “cooking time” is also important
  • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

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