Aero engines of the 21st century: evolution or revolution?

Volvo Aero magazine asked this question to Vincent Garnier Vice-President Research and Technology at Snecma on engine development.

Your presentation at ISABE 2011 in Gothenburg was entitled “Aero engines of the 21st century: evolution or revolution?”. Which will it be?

“The answer is both. We know what needs to be done to pursue the path that we have taken in the past and we are doing it: more efficient components, lighter and stronger materials. But when you recognise you’re reaching an asymptote, if you want to introduce more performance potential in your propulsion systems, there must be a revolutionary ingredient. Composite materials capable of engine stress and temperature levels are one example, moving to unducted architectures is another and there are others beyond that.”

Read the full interview at Aero Magazine [pdf]

What’s your view, will aero engine of 21st century be evolution or revolution?

One nice quote from the magazine

A technology or invention is not an innovation until it is on the market. Implementation is everything.

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