A black swans event – Recommendation for AeSI Graduates

AeSI Graduates received this glowing recommendation from Shri PS Krishnan, Distinguished Scientist & Director ADE.

Have a look!!.

AESI graduates recommendation

The text for your reference.




I am writing this letter for the high possible recommendation for the graduates of the Aeronautical Society of India. I have seen many of the AeSI Grads working at various positions under many UAV programs at Aeronautical Development Establishment for couple of decades. I found them very sincere and diligent.

They have shown commitment for work and have impressed me and my establishment with their extraordinary understanding of the engineering fundamentals. They have contributed well with the scientists community in the lab and outside, taken opportunities to discover more about their fields of work. They have independently taken initiative of refining the methods of simulation rather than just concentrating on the results. They have also proven themselves to be adoptable and efficient manager of the resources. As an illustration of their calibre, those scientist of this stream selected in DRDO have risen to the positions even up to the Director of the labs and retired as Scientist G’s as a minimum.

As per my impression of them, they would be an asset for any organisation they are a part of and i truly believe that they will always excel in their career.

                              PS Krishnan

Distinguished Scientist &  Director ADE



Download the PDF from here

I am an AESI graduate. So was not able to resist posting it here and it does not happen everyday 🙂 It one of those black swan events !!


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