Here’s a simple puzzle. Try to answer it.

A ball and bat cost Rs 110. The bat costs one hundred more than the ball. What does the ball cost?

Answer it now. Tell the answer to yourself.

What does the ball cost?

If your answer is Rs 10. You are wrong. Read the question again and solve for the answer.

Do it, I will wait.

Do it before going ahead.

The answer is five? Have you figured it?

Let the value of ball be x and then the value of bat is 100+x

Ball + Bat = 110

x + (100 + x) = 110

Solve for x!

What does this prove
If your answer was 10, it proves you took the path of least resistance or least effort.

Your brain took the shortcut.

This is from the new book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel K. Fascinating book. Must read!


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