The RB3025 – Rolls-Royce concept engine

While the world was buzzing about the launch of the new Ipad, flightglobal ran this story about RB3025. I was travelling during that time. Today got a chance to read more about this Roll-Royce’s concept engine.

Here’s are few salient points about the RB3025

The RB3025 concept is Rolls-Royce’s response to Boeing’s RFP on the 777X.

The engines builds on Trent 1000 and Trent XWB technology, but uses a Trent 1000-derived core, lean-burn combustor, composite fan and advanced materials in high-pressure elements of the core.

The RB3025 concept is rated at 99,500lb (440kN).

It has a 337cm (132in) fan diameter for the baseline 407-seat 777-9X, giving the power plant a bypass ratio of 12:1, and – according to Rolls-Royce – a “better than 10%” improvement in fuel burn over the GE90-115B engine and 15% better than its Trent 800.

David Nuttall says Rolls will take the next “year or two” of design work with Boeing to optimize the engine around the conceptual aircraft, requiring roughly six years ahead of a service entry to fully develop a new engine.

Rolls-Royce’s RB3025 engine concept provides a low specific thrust and “excellent” propulsive efficiency, says Nuttall, plus a 62:1 overall pressure ratio which would be the highest OPR in a commercial turbofan engine.

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