A habit and International Standard Atmosphere

Now it’s a habit.
isa in vba international standard atmosphere
If you are into programming then you might be all too familiar with the first hello world program that we all start our learning with.

This was true for me till I got into aerospace, now my first program is always the program to calculate temperature at an altitude for international standard atmosphere.

This has become a habit. I do this for all the new programming languages that I learnt. Perl, python, VBA, vb, java, etc you name it and my first program in all this language was ISA.

The other day I was browsing my old desktop and found this long forgotten visual basic excel program that I wrote 6+ years back. It’s a small program that calculates and gives temperature and pressure at different altitude according to international standard atmosphere.

Download the excel file here. ISA is coded as UDF in excel.

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